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So December is here, which means the snow is coming, the streets seem to be busier, the parking lots are impossible, and time is flying by. But it also means that it’s the holiday season which is my favourite time of the year. I love the smell of snow and Christmas trees. More importantly, I love family time. There is something so special this time of year when families come together. My immediate family is in Windsor, but also in Quebec. And we don’t see each other often, so when this time of year comes around I really look forward to it. We love to play board games until we try to explain a new game to my dad and then we all get frustrated after the 13th time explaining it and doing practice turns. At that point, it gets a little hairy or extremely comical.

We spend so much time planning that we often miss the moments. Adventures start where plans end, so make it a December to remember.

Happy Holidays friends!

december free downloaddecember free download


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