Scheduling your Wedding Day!

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So about a year and a bit ago, family friends of my husband were getting married. Rumor had it that she had this crazy – but totally awesome, in-depth document of info for the wedding party, family, vendors and so on. As a bride-to-be myself at that time I thought, YASS girl! Way*to*go! I had to get my hands on it so I could re-create it for myself.

My wedding had about 90% of our friends and family coming from out of town so this document really helped us out. It listed all addresses, phone numbers, time, who to call for what and so on. It was like the bible to my wedding so to speak. A page dedicated to phone numbers and names of the entire bridal party including parents just in case someone needed to get a hold of someone because I left my shoes at the house – which didn’t actually happen, though if you knew me at all it was totally likely.

At our rehearsal out videographers want to come by and check things out and get a feel for where we would walk in and suchinside schedule. The rehearsal was at Hiram Walker which at the time was about to be closed to public so every door and gate was always locked. They got there and we were out back and they couldn’t get in the building. My husband and I weren’t paying attention to our phones so we didn’t see the missed phone calls. BUT because they had our “wedding bible” they called my father-in-law and all was good. See what I mean by “your vendors might thank you”?

The schedule for dinner, speeches, dances and such helped our MC and our DJ run the night. It may seem a little over kill but when you are done hair and makeup an hour early because you had everyone schedule so you now have time to kill and really enjoy the moments, or your limo/bus driver knows where he needs to be at a precise time, how much time he has to pick up beer for the bus between the ceremony and such…yeah…our vendors really liked this idea.

SO go ahead – download my day-of plan to create your own. OR if you’d like send me an email and we can customize it to your day!!

Download day-of wedding schedule

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